Premium Coffee - Brazil

straight from the roaster...

We import our 100% Arabica, raw coffee beans from the most biologically diverse savannah in the world- the Cerrado Region of Brazil. This region, specifically the growing region of Minas Gerais, is known for cultivating specialty coffee beans.

While over two-thirds of the coffee grown throughout the world is arabica, this does not mean that all arabica beans are equal in quality. The soil quality, the elevation and the dependable weather seasons of the Cerrado Region make it the perfect region for cultivating coffee beans that are superb, low in acidity and exceptionally smooth!

Our coffee is single-origin, which means it is not blended with any robusta beans or other filler.

We've met and visited the farms.

We carefully roast, flavor & package our coffee in Blythewood, SC. Go ahead... give our excellent award-winning gourmet coffee a try!


Cafe do Cerrado Brasil   Coffee Farmland in Brazil   Coffee Farmland in Brazil
In the first stages of growth, the coffee tree produces small, white flowers.     These flowers begin to turn into coffee cherries, starting out green.    The green skin then turns to yellow as it matures.
The skin of the coffee bean cherry then turns to a bright red.    Coffee plants are watered with irrigation.    After the coffee cherries are ripe, picked and cleaned, they are spread out on a canvas to dry naturally under the sun.
                    Coffee beans dry naturally under the sun.    The farmers in Brazil package the raw coffee beans in burlap sacks.    Each burlap bag contains about 132lbs of premium, raw coffee beans!