Frequently asked questions

  • After an order is placed, it is shipped in 24 to 48 business hours. If you have any special urgent request contact us on our email or phone number.
  • Tracking emails will be sent to the email address on your order once an order has shipped.
  • You're more than welcome to place an order online and choose to pick up the order in our roasting facility. Simply click on "Local Pickup in Columbia, S.C." during the checkout process. Often times people do this to avoid shipping costs, and we understand! 
  • After you place your order online and choose Local Pickup in Columbia, you will want to wait until an e-mail comes through saying, "The status of your order is now Awaiting Pickup." Arriving at our facility before receiving this e-mail may cause you to have to come back when the order is complete.
  • Our roasting facility is located at 5921 Shakespeare Rd, Columbia, SC 29223. 
  • Our bags will have an expiration date on the bag of each bag that will let you know of what the expiration date is. If you can't find the labels on the bags each of our 12 oz. bags is heat sealed at the top to ensure freshness. If you unroll the tab you'll find a month and year stamped into the seal. This is when the coffee was roasted. It is suggested that unopened coffee, stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight, will stay good up to a year. If you want the freshest flavor, drink upon opening and simply purchase more as you run low!
  • If you have any specific quetsion for on an order or any other related matters send an email on our contact us page.
  • If you ordered our Mini pots and would like them customized. Please send an email of your logo on a white background and PNG file to